Service Curriculum

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Evolving Curricula

Watershape University (WU) is the result of decades of combined experience among some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals and educators. Our courses are designed to provide crucial knowledge for each student through detailed examination of technical, artistic and business disciplines.


We are constantly developing and fine-tuning course content and structure to enrich the learning experience across a spectrum of essential topics. Here are some courses and areas of study currently being developed.

​SVC 3711: Transitioning from Service to Construction

1.5 hours
Learning Outcomes
● List legal considerations including licensing, contractor bonds, insurance, and sole-proprietor vs. corporation.
● Discuss minor renovations vs. major renovations vs. new construction.
● Identify criteria and sources for subcontractors.
      ● Identify educational opportunities to prevent costly mistakes and learn from others errors.

If you are a service professional beginning to do renovation work or considering jumping into construction then this program will get you started in the right direction. The instructors began their successful construction careers exactly this way - they serviced pools and then realized that they could build better if they only had the right knowledge to reduce risk, stay out of trouble, and make money. Along their path to construction they had to navigate the legal hurdles of obtaining the right licenses, insurance and other legal protections. Then they had to source qualified subcontractors to help them succeed. With this program you have the unique opportunity to learn from others and get you building fast.