Corporate Engagement

Engagement with Watershape University

Watershape University (WU) pursues relationships with several businesses to further our mission to bring quality education to students of all levels in the pool, spa and aquatics industry. Corporate Engagement provides a mechanism for businesses to team up with WU, IWI, faculty and students through one of three levels of engagement described below.

As a team we create winning solutions where manufacturers, buying groups, distributors and tradeshows are closely engaged with our faculty and students. Our credential system does not allow for a "membership" option where a consumer-facing business can advertise that they are somehow better for being part of an association. Instead, our credential program requires that both individuals and consumer-facing businesses must earn those credentials by attending classes at tradeshows and engaging with our team of manufacturers and other stakeholders. In other words, improvements to your business status requires mandatory interaction with WU, our campus hosts, and Corporate Engagement team of manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, and other entities.

Engagement Benefits to Businesses

Your business can benefit from a relationship with Watershape University through increased visibility, trusted endorsements, joint development of programs, on-site training (your facility as a campus of WU), and other opportunities. Our students need education to include your products and services and there is no better way to do that than through our faculty working in concert with your internal team of experts to deliver the very best training.

Engagement Benefits to Students

Students interested in teaming up with our Corporate Engagement businesses should reach out to one of our faculty members for a direct introduction to key team members. Looking to try a new product or manufacturer? Can't solve a challenge with your local resources? Let us know how we can help you, our valued student body and team.
      Annual Fee (renews at 12 month anniversary)                               $20,000$15,000$10,000$5,000
     Use of appropriate Verified Engagement digital badge with verification link back to www.watershape.orgVEPVECVEAVES
     Number of brands exposed through channels, as appropriate1, 2 or 3
1 or 2
      Use of Watershape University logo with link to                              
      Use of WaterShapes logo with link to                     
      Advertising, website
Small = Logo Button 125 x 125 px
 Medium = 300 x 250 px
 Large Leaderboard = 728 x 90 px
      Advertising, twice-monthly editions                               Medium = 300 x 250 px
 Large Leaderboard = 728 x 90 px
 Large Leaderboard Mobile = 728 x 50 px
      Content                              Product Releases in "On Tap" column
 IWI project profile using product (video or article)
Watershape University
      Advertising,                              Scrolling logo and active link on homepage
 Logo, description and active link under Engagement
 Homepage main slider 1920 x 1080 px
     Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays & other online learningLogo on intro and outro presentation slides
Brand mentions by faculty, where appropriate
Option to present a WWW, where appropriate
     Online Learning Platform, online.watershape.orgLogo, description and active link under Engagement
Ongoing exposure through posted recordings
      Live (in-person) classes                              Logo on intro and outro presentation slides
Brand mentions by faculty, where appropriate
Brochure distribution, if provided onsite
Host lunch or dinner at multi-day WU event
Host WU class at company location, 2 free registrations
Team with WU faculty to develop accredited WU class
      High-Def Video Loop played during classes, posted on web                              Logo presence
Beauty image and logo (no products identified)
Ad image and logo (products allowed)
Video provided by company (up to 30 seconds)
     Print Advertising, other than WaterShapes.comLogo, where Corporate Engagement is acknowledged if possible
 if possible
      Direct Outreach to students, WU to administer                              Option to send email or survey
International Watershape Institute
Collaborate with IWI members on actual projects
Schedule online product roundtable with IWI members
Live Blue Foundation
Corporate member of Patreon supporting Wallace 'J' Nichols, PhD in planning