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Join the Wolfpack every Wednesday at noon Pacific for one hour of live education and training broadcasting from KWLF "K-Wolf" Studio 1 in Solana Beach, California. Topics include design, engineering, construction, service, water & wellness, and product training.

Thanks to the generosity of our Corporate Engagement Team most of the Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays are free but some are available for a nominal fee when we provide value beyond our normal high-quality lectures and presentations. For example, registrants might download valuable software worksheets, drawing libraries, or PDF training manuals beyond our normal one or two-page handouts.

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What is KWLF "K-Wolf" Studio 1?

Every university deserves a college radio station! Broadcasting from a sound-insulated studio at Watershape University's headquarters in Solana Beach, California, KWLF is used to deliver education through airways and internet routers to students across the globe. We also use it to have a bit of fun along the way.

Check-in 5-10 minutes before the start to enjoy Lauren's greeting, some social time with the team and Dave's song choice of the week! See if you can guess the song - hint: it is always related to the day's webinar topic.

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Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  CONSTRUCTION: 2922 Project Profiles From Design to Construction - Cast-in-Place Construction Method

A guided project walk-through of the design and construction of a cast-in-place residential pool. Review the sequence and methods for a cast-in-place construction method and discuss specific design considerations to accommodate surrounding landscape and architecture.

Learning Outcomes 

1. Describe design concepts and why specific details were used in coordination with the surrounding landscape and architectural features of the property.
2. Analyze construction methods, cast-in-place concrete forming and placement.
3. Discuss project sequence and scheduling, wall-forms after concrete floor is poured and the use of CMU block in watershape structures.
4. Recognize project challenges, solutions, lessons learned and what might be done differently if the same project was starting today.


Panama City, Panama

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  EXPERIENTIAL 1341:
Re-imagining the 2020 International Pool | Spa | Patio and Deck EXPO as a Virtual Event

2020 has been and continues to be a year of change, especially considering organized industry events. Informa Markets, the owner of the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, co-located with DeckExpo, is transitioning this year’s event to a virtual edition. In a candid Question and Answer session, learn how you can benefit from this novel approach to learning, networking and business-building.

Learning Outcomes 

1. Discuss how virtual attendees will engage with manufacturers and fellow attendees
2. Discover the near term and longer-term benefits of a virtual tradeshow experience.
3. Identify ways in which a virtual event is similar to an in-person event
4. Understand how elements of the virtual experience may enhance in-person events in years to come.


Raymond Giovine

Group Director, Informa Markets
Irving, TX

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  BUSINESS 2132: New Dept. of Energy Federal Pump Regulations that Will Impact your Business

"Blue Mind", a concept born of Wallace "J," Nichols a decade ago, has become the wellness trend of 2020. This webinar delves into some of the science behind the trend, relating it to the surging interest in pools and water features and exploring how to leverage it to ensure ongoing market growth.

Learning Outcomes 

1. Explain U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) pool pump regulations to stakeholders 

2. Identify the types of pool pump designs that will be impacted by the new regulation 

3. Discuss product ratings and how it affects other national and state standards 

4. Recognize the benefits of energy-efficient pool pumps and communicate to peers and customers.


Jeff Farlow

Program Manager Energy Initiatives, Pentair  

Cary, NC

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  EXPERIENTIAL 2211: "Blue Mind" and Pools and Why it Matters

"Blue Mind", a concept born of Wallace "J," Nichols a decade ago, has become the wellness trend of 2020. This webinar delves into some of the science behind the trend, relating it to the surging interest in pools and water features and exploring how to leverage it to ensure ongoing market growth.

Learning Outcomes 

1. Explain the origin of the Blue Mind Groundswell 

2. Explore the health benefits of being "near, in, on and under water." 

3. Recognize the importance of pools as the gateway to the world of water 

4. Express ways to leverage current marketing trends for future growth and sustainability


Lauren Stack, MBA

Vice President, Watershape University 

Solana Beach, CA

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  CONSTRUCTION 4951: Construction Defect Removal and Replacement

Walk through a case study of a multi-year, many-faceted remove and replace project. Learn how to efficiently contend with ongoing project challenges, whether they originate from the site, the owners, the previous defective work, or the project design itself. Ben Lasseter offers his tips and strategies for balancing all these considerations and getting the job done.

Learning Outcomes 

1. Evaluate difficult site access for a variety of machinery, tools, manpower and specialty trades. 

2. Discuss management of engineers, lawyers, homeowners and specialists to maximize job site efficiency. 

3. Compose complex budget proposals & contracts that protect the interests of builders, designers, and installers. 

4. Recognize scheduling, logistics and operational considerations on long term construction projects. 


Benjamin Lasseter ASLA, IWI, CBP 

Partner & President of Operations, Design Ecology Austin 

Austin, TX

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  CONSTRUCTION 3683: Pool Plaster Bond Characteristics

Pool plastering is as much of an art as it is a science. Learn how the bond characteristics between plaster and concrete can result in a perfectly smooth finish, or ugly, costly repairs. See examples of some pitfalls and best practices for plaster application, and how the quality of the finish can affect the final product. 

Learning Outcomes 

1. Discuss both concrete and plaster characteristics at the connection point of the bond plane. 

2. Define the surface conditions of the accepting concrete structure to receive a plaster coating and assess proper surface bond ability. 

3. Identify and list proper application techniques of the applied plaster material to the concrete bond plane. 

4. Describe and discuss how a three dimensional bond plain is achieved and show examples of quality application versus non-quality application.


Bill Drakeley ACI, IWI

Drakeley Pool Company 

Bethlehem, Connecticut 

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  BUSINESS 3242: Managing High Lead Volume

In this class you'll learn some helpful tips and tricks to filter out the potential paying customers from the sea of "coping-kickers". Learn helpful strategies for getting the most out of your time spent engaging with new and potential customers.

Download Pool Possibilities Ebook

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Evaluate the seriousness of people who email or call about wanting a pool or outdoor living space design. 

2. Apply simple ways to save time emailing vs phone conversations. 

3. Knowledge: become your region's 'go-to' for non-biased education. 

4. Manage a process that keeps leads organized.


Lea Frederick, IWI

Vue Custom Pools & Design

Greensboro, North Carolina

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  CONSTRUCTION 2342: Thoughtful Equipment Installations

Learn to install equipment like the pros. Stand out from the crowd with your well thought out and planned equipment installations that are both pleasing to the eye and mechanically sound.

Learning Outcomes

1. Discuss the benefits of a well thought out and planned equipment installation.

2. Identify and analyze potential pitfalls and issues with "design on site" or poorly planned equipment installations. (visual aid presentation)

3. Evaluate constraints of equipment layout (e.g., space required, space allowed by architect, manufacturers recommended clearances , hydraulic constraints, space sharing with other trades, proper equipment sizing.)

4. Illustrate properly planned and well though equipment installations and the pitfalls that were overcome.


Kevin Cobabe, IWI

Dynamic Pool & Spa Construction

Redondo Beach, California

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents  ENGINEERING 2342: Compatibility of Hydraulic Components

In this class we will discuss the basics of how to determine the system needs for different pool and spa configurations. We will start with a very brief description of how to determine water volume (gallons). We will utilize this information to determine pump selection, filter selection, pipe size requirements, and drain cover selection to assure the vessel is both code compliant as well as energy efficient. We will unpack some of the misunderstandings surrounding VGB drain covers and how to size and install them properly in the field.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Determine proper vessel specific flow rate based on volume.
2. Determine pipe line sizes based on specific flow rate requirements.
3. Determine drain cover selection based on vessel specific needs.
4. Determine pump and filter sizing based on vessel specific needs.

David Penton, IWI
President of Fluid Dynamics Pool & Spa in Fullerton, California

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents CONSTRUCTION 2691: Automatic Pool Cover Installation & Details

Automatic pool covers have improved greatly over the past decade plus, making them both easier to install, while giving the end user many years of trouble free use. Understanding the early steps will ensure a profitable product addition for the builder, and a happy customer.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Illustrate construction requirements for the automatic pool cover recess, and elevations relative to tradition mount and hidden leading edge bars, as well as vanishing edge pools.
2. Discuss what happens to the cover when elevations and specifications are not followed.
3. Measuring for a cover, and why is is critical to be precise, and what can happen when the dimensions are either too big, or too small.
4. Discuss alternative, non traditional installations., such as a "pool in a pool", or extreme cantilever decks.


Vice President of Aquamatic Pool Covers, Inc. in Gilroy, California

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents CONSTRUCTION 1591: Drains, Walls and Patio Covers

Hardscape includes many elements but three must be planned early because of critical elevations, potential conflicts and, of course, permitting: drains, walls and patio covers. This introductory webinar highlights some key considerations that, when done right, really help a project succeed.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Describe how to install an effective drainage system.

2. Identify different drainage inlets and outlets.

3. Explain the difference between and the sequence of building various types of retaining walls.

4. List different types of patio structures and the building process for them.


Grant Smith, IWI

Owner of Aqua-Link Pools and Spas in Carlsbad, California

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents CONSTRUCTION 3541: Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Kitchens include several trades that must be coordinated for a successful build. Outdoor kitchens are equally complicated. Structure, equipment, finishes, gas, electrical, water - where do we start? The easy answer would be "the foundation" but you might be missing something even more important - like a sewage ejector system for the sink!

Download the WU Wolfpack BBQ Recipes here

Learning Outcomes:

1. Evaluate different outdoor kitchen construction methods including concrete, masonry, and light-gauge steel.

2. Employ several code considerations from city planning to structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing concerns.

3. Assess common dimensions and justify heights and cantilevered countertops with simple mock-ups.

4. Manage the sequence of construction along with details and photos.



Paolo Benedetti, IWI

Owner of Aquatic Technology Pool& Spa in Morgan Hill, California

​Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents ENGINEERING 1341: MAHC Turnover Calculations

The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) includes provisions for maximum filtration turnover duration and references the multi-zone pool concept. This FREE webinar includes training on an all-new MS Excel worksheet (available after the session for $75) for sizing multi-zone filtration systems based on the MAHC. The worksheet also applies to residential filtration system design including water-in-transit systems such as vanishing edges and slot-edges.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Define the variables that affect filtration flow rates including volume, environment, bather load, and temperature.

2. Use custom MS Excel worksheets to design filtration systems.

3. Calculate multi-zone filtration systems.

4. Evaluate the operating cost benefits of a Flow Turndown System.


David J. Peterson, P.E., IWI


Watershape Consulting, Inc.

For more information about the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) please click here. Click here for free access to the latest version of the MAHC.

If you like the worksheet and would like to purchase a copy you can pay $75 and download immediately by using the secure payment form here.

Purchase MS Excel Worksheet

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents CONSTRUCTION 1251 Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless steel pools, spas, waterfeatures and fire elements are solving many challenges for watershapers. On the design side, certain elements can be thinner than their concrete cousins, allowing architects and designers to explore new concepts. On the structural side, lightweight vessels allow the underlying structure to be simplified while watertight welds provide piece-of-mind against leaks. Finally, there is the construction phase which benefits from relatively short in-field construction durations. This program prepares you for that future stainless steel project.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Compare the pros and cons of stainless steel watershapes versus other construction materials and methods.
2. Evaluate projects to determine if stainless steel is an appropriate solution.
3. Discuss the design, engineering and fabrication process to understand lead time.
4. List finish options including tile and alternative metals.

Michael Sage, Vice President
Bradford Products

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents ENG 1281 Movable Pool Floors

Shifting established paradigms of space and structure, consider the transformation a movable pool or spa floor can do to watershapes. So much more than a simple pool cover - at the touch of a button and within minutes, safely conceal the pool under rigid decking capable of supporting full live loads of furnishings and people. Reduce water use, heat loss, chemical use, and pool cleaning. Want a 6" deep pool for the kids? Done. How about a 6' deep pool for healthy immersion? Done.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Differentiate characteristics of movable pool & spa floors versus traditional pool covers.
2. Determine if a movable pool & spa floor is an appropriate solution for your client.
3. List the types of movable pool & spa floor technologies and the pros & cons thereof.
4. List the requisite aesthetic and technical considerations of incorporating a movable pool & spa floor into a project.

Jim Farrell, Director of Business Development - North America
Twinscape North America LLC

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents CONSTRUCTION 1621: Waterproofing for Watershapes

Different projects, materials and environments require different approaches to waterproofing. Products that succeed in certain circumstances can fail miserably in others. Staying out of trouble requires attention to everything from the substrate quality and finish materials selection to the weather and moisture content in the concrete.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Identity different waterproofing material categories such as elastomeric, rigid cementitious, highly-modified cementitious and penetrating colloidal silicates.

2. Discuss material testing results, what they mean, and what specifiers and builders should value.

3. Illustrate proper substrate preparation - especially for renovation work involving chip-outs.

4. Distinguish the difference between the visual appearance of a problem and the root cause of that visual appearance, such as efflorescence.


Trevor Foster


Trevor has 27 years experience in waterproofing/restoration and is a member of ICRI, SWRI and NPC.

Download Miracote Watershape Restoration & Waterproofing
Download ICRI Technical Guidelines - Selecting and Specifying Concrete Surface Preparation for Sealers

​​Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents ENGINEERING 3421: Electrical Load Calculations

Electrical safety includes proper selection of conduit, wire and breaker sizes based on loads, distance, ambient temperature and other factors. This program includes a detailed MS Excel worksheet designed to simplify the many factors promulgated in the National Electric Code. Most of the time will be spent training students how to use the worksheet.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Define the variables that affect electrical load design including voltage, amperage, number of poles, continuous vs. non-continuous operation and other factors.
2. Use custom MS Excel worksheets to design electrical circuits and panels.
3. Calculate feeder circuit size.
4. Evaluate existing main panel to determine if it has the capacity to feed a new subpanel.


This program originated as a paid webinar for which the registrants received the MS Excel file used in the presentation. This video is offered free of charge because there is much to learn even if you don't have the Excel file. However, if you like what you see then the Excel file is available for purchase by clicking the button below!

If you like the worksheet and would like to purchase a copy you can pay $75 and download immediately by using the secure payment form here.

Purchase MS Excel Worksheet

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents CONSTRUCTION 3442: Pentair IntelliCenter - Tomorrow's Technology Today

This course will allow pool professionals to learn about the advancements that have been made in pool automation. With many homeowners choosing to “staycation” these days, their swimming pools and backyards are becoming more complex. Learn how advanced automation systems can meet and exceed your clients’ vision today and in the future allowing them to enjoy their backyard oasis.

Learning Outcomes

1. Introduce how advanced automation can control current and future swimming pool trends.

2. Understand your client needs and how automation can meet their expectations.

3. Discuss how automation can expand as your projects grow in scope.

Presented by Tom Schoendienst and Ron Newman of Pentair.

Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presents ENGINEERING 1391: Sanitization - An Understanding of UV/O3/AOP

This program will walk the audience through the benefits of adding supplemental sanitization to a pool. Even in a properly chlorinated body of water, there is still a risk of recreational water illnesses due to the fact that chlorine is ineffective against some microorganisms. It will provide a better understanding of the science behind UV/O3/AOP as well as the different available technologies.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain the difference between a primary sanitizer and a supplemental or secondary sanitizer.

2. Describe how and oxidizer eliminates microorganisms.

3. Explain the differences between UV and O3.

4. Discuss why having UV/O3/AOP in addition to chlorine is a benefit.

Presented by Jason Davila, Product Manager, Hayward Industries, Inc.


Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I found the ENG 1391: UV/O3/AOP class to be very good. I was not able to listen to the live webinar, but I did listed to the recording. Found the presentation to be an excellent summary of the technology. I’ve come to the pool industry after spending years in the environmental remediation field. We used ozone frequently for remediation of contaminated groundwater. Seeing the technology applied to the pool industry is exciting to me. This presentation was better than anything I saw while in the environmental field, the presenter was very knowledgeable and the info well organized.

Thanks again,

Ryan Sanders, P.E.

Engineered Pool Solutions, Inc.


AZ ROC 324091, KA Dual General Engineering